Own production, thirteen branded stores throughout Serbia and two sales houses for our lifestyle. Our retail facilities offer a large selection of models while a large number of satisfied owners are supplied in our wholesale in Svrljig and the capital.

Buying in our sale is very simple. You need:

  • APR adjudication.
  • that the purchase will not be less than 15,000 RSD.
  • Every season, our customers offer almost 500 new current models.

Wholesale Belgrade: TC Belmax – highway to Zagreb
Phone: 011 / 2054-160
Working hours: Monday – Saturday: 09-16h

Wholesale Svrljig: ul. Hadžićeva 112
Phone 1: 018 / 821-071
Phone 2: 018 / 823-666
Working hours: Monday – Saturday: 07-21h

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