Fashion house Cameleon DOO was founded in 1997. For two decades it has been manufacturing and selling women’s and men’s wardrobe and laundry. The Cameleon brand has been nurturing a recognizable line for decades, thanks to a creative and innovative team of designers and managers.

The high quality wardrobe that has the seal of the Cameleon fashion house is the work of over 140 employees who always set new standards with creative teamwork. The models are made on state-of-the-art and automated machines, further embellished by the print and embroidery that goes into the factory circuit. Each of the hardworking workers has instilled a lot of love and knowledge that the Cameleon enjoys the trust of a large number of satisfied customers.

The design of the model, the quality of the material from which the pieces were made, as well as the price of the product are harmonized and adapted to the Serbian market, which is closely followed by a team of economists.

The simplicity that is recognizable, the models in which the ladies feel confident, everyday clothes, sports wardrobe and high-quality laundry are very much in demand in the Serbian market.

Cameleon has a number of branded stores throughout Serbia in order to reach customers. Cameleon wardrobe is also available through wholesale in Belgrade and Svrljig. In addition to Serbia, it also exists in the markets of Montenegro, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia.
The worldwide trend – the direction of movement of the Cameleon fashion line, because in design and quality, this fashion house always keeps up with the latest market needs.

The Cameleon logo is protected in Serbia and for the EU market.

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